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More than two hundred years ago, a bunch of French dudes stormed a prison. Emboldened, they soon  beheaded a king who had a beautiful wife. They beheaded her too. As a result, I got the entire Thursday off from work! Happy Independence day, France – our office follows your holidays! I sincerely hope that some of my students are gearing to get drunk. Or light some fireworks at least! Have a BBQ?

Though I love making the world a better place one English lesson at a time, at this point it’s important to keep my options open. When D’s ma (who I deeply respect) urged me to apply at an international market research company, I didn’t think more than 20 times about it (me being decisive)! After scrambling to print out my CV, D and I got to the company’s office where I spent 3 hours taking aptitude tests.

This was followed by an uneventful bowl of bibimbap, but D treated and that was a nice thing. Up next was the BIR – will just go ahead and skip that part of today’s story because I really do not want this to be a 3 page rant.

I went with D to his office and picked up some milk tea on the way. Immediately regretted getting the reduced sugar version. Parked myself on their sofa – their office is so relaxed, I swear.

I plugged my ears and brain into Ghost Trick Phantom Detective DS and for about an hour I was an amnesic ghost, solving mysteries and averting deaths by manipulating objects. It’s cooler than it sounds. The game was developed by the same guys to thank for the more popular Ace Attorney series.

When my fingers got numb (approximately the same time I got to the bottom of my large tumbler of wintermelon goodness), I went for a walk around the Fort since the sun was out and the wind blowing. This was the perfect opportunity to test out my phone’s camera and the photo apps (Samsung Galaxy II, Pudding Camera).

These guys kind of look like Siamese twins in this picture.

Met these really swanky dogs and their nannies.

So glad the lady who took this picture did not run off with my new phone.

I’m sure these guys want to throw things at this poster everyday. They were friendly enough though!

After walking around, I sat down to have a beer with my new pictures. I kept my 3DS on in case someone in the area had Streetpass. D picked me up shortly after.

We ate dinner at the Glorietta food court and I had  New Bombay before watching Harry Potter! Did not take pictures in the cinema because I preferred to see the movie from start to finish instead of getting detained and possibly arrested.

Here is a picture of this excursion’s only purchase. I will blu-tack it somewhere near my office desk.

I am really happy with the Galaxy’s camera! I am in love with my phone in general. Pudding Cam is neat, though I’m still figuring out which options to use and when. In terms of settings, it does not compare to Samsung’s installed camera program of course. It’s just fun.

With a full day ahead of me, I should definitely get some sleep right about now. Of course, I won’t… ‘because I give myself very good advice but very seldom follow it’. From which beloved cartoon of our childhood is that line from?

If you guessed right, I love you. 🙂 I love you anyway.



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